We, at Skiniss, trust and value the patronage of our clients and with absolute confidence distinguish the importance of secure transactions and information privacy. This Privacy Policy describes how Skiniss collates and/or collects the data shared; how we decipher and use those data have been collected and how we protect, share or otherwise process your personal information through Skiniss website There are certain areas which could be browsed and accessed on our website without you registering on our website. Please note that we don’t sell any of the product suite which we represent outside India. Please note by browsing our website with or without your registration, you expressly agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use, and agree to be governed by the Laws of India including but not limited to the laws applicable to data protection and privacy. If you do not agree please do not use or access our Platform.


Data Collection/Collation:

Whenever our website is accessed, Skiniss collects the personal information of identity, the details of place from where it has been accessed, the IP address and other relevant data. When the user registers in our website, all the information which are provided as part of registration are collated and preserved in our database which includes, but not limited to PAN, GST number, Government issued ID cards/number as part of Know-Your-Customer (KYC). We take the liberty of collecting the information such as the browsing and shopping behaviour, preferences too.

Skiniss thrives as part of its primary strategy to deliver our patrons a safe, easier and at the same time efficient experience towards meeting their needs. The users may opt to browse our website without registration and/or revealing any personal information. However, the user experience and preferences will be restricted as the intelligence of our application platform may not know the user preference, likes/dislikes. However, the user preference and experience will be enhanced upon registration as our platform will apply those datas which have been collected at the time of registration and on every login. Skiniss takes the liberty to have a record of our patrons’ buying patterns, their behaviour, their preferences. These datas which are collected are being used for a better understanding of our patrons and in turn being used to serve them better in the long run. 

Skiniss may use information to send to our patrons offers based on their previous orders or preferences and interests. However, we will not initiate calls to seek any information and hence we advise our patrons if they receive an e-mail, a call from anyone claiming to be from Skiniss seeking sensitive personal information like debit/credit card PIN, net-banking or mobile banking password, we request to never provide any such information. 


Skiniss uses information collected from its patrons to provide back the services to an utmost extent. We use information to do market analysis; research; surveys; to inform our patrons about online and offline offers; to assist our business partners in handling and fulfilling orders; to enrich customer experience; to troubleshoot and resolve any disputes that may arise. To use our mobile application; we would need to access to text messages (SMS), contacts in the directory, camera, photo gallery, location and device information for which we would ask for our patron’s permission to authorize and approve

We use data collection methods like "cookies" and other software features which would enable our team to help analyse the usage of our application platform.

Data Share:

Skiniss may share its users’ information with its Group entities, our other corporate entities. We may disclose personal information to third parties. This disclosure may be required for us to provide you access to our portfolio; to comply with our legal obligations; to facilitate our marketing and advertising activities, to overcome, mitigate, and investigate fraudulent activities related to our portfolio. Incase Government and/or law enforcement agencies require, we may disclose personal and sensitive personal information as may be required that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process. We may disclose personal information to third party rights owners. We and our business associates may share our users’ personal information with another business entity should we plan to merge with, or be acquired by that business entity or reorganization or restructure of business units. 

Skiniss web portals or applications may provide links to other websites that may collect personal information about users. Skiniss is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those linked websites.

Precaution measures:

Skiniss enforces reasonable  practices and procedures  in order to protect our users’ personal information from unauthorised access or disclosure. Skiniss adopt industry standard security measures and periodically update/upgrade systems to protect our users’ personal information against any hacking or virus dissemination. However, by using the Platform, the users accept the security implications of data transmission and therefore would always remain certain inherent risks regarding use of the Platform. 

User Registration Cancellation

Skiniss provides its  users’ community with the opportunity to cancel or opt-out of receiving any promotional or marketing related emails and notifications, if required. 


Skiniss may use other advertising companies to publish ads in our web service platform. These Ads may be tailored based on our users’ wishlist and the pattern of their search about the services and other related products that may be of interest to our users’ community.

Age restriction

In order to use our Platform, we assume that the users are legally bound under the contractual terms under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. We do not knowingly solicit information from users who are below 18 years. It is deemed confirmed that the users represent and authorize us to use the information that has been shared in our application platform in accordance with the Privacy policy.

Policy related to Data Retention

We at Skiniss retain users' community personal information as required under any applicable law. We may need to retain data related to our users if there is a legal obligation and/or towards a requirement to comply with any applicable statutory or regulatory requirement by law.


By visiting our Platform or by providing your information, it is deemed confirmed that our users’ community has/have consent to the collection, use, storage, disclosure and otherwise processing of information on the Platform in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

Updates on our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy has been changed and published periodically as required from time to time. We would advise our users to review our Privacy Policy at regular intervals which may be deemed necessary. We advise our users community that it is their obligatory requirement to read and understand our Privacy Policy from time-to-time.


Just in case our users community have any query, concern, or complaint in relation to collection or usage of personal information under this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact by telephone, email or feedback form as per the contact information provided in our portal application.